Jazz Perturbers in 2023

We’re doing some shows this year! 8-10pm Tuesdays, no cover. Come on out.

Tuesday May 16. RSVP here. Ok this one will always be happening in the future right?

April 25 RSVP here No this is also past now. How does this keep happening? Be strong my children. Soon, and forever, time will stop and we’ll never need entertain the timegods with our suffering. Enjoy this miserable parade for now, timegods.

April 10 RSVP here. it happened. it will never un-happen

January 17 – RSVP here. This is the past now! Isn’t it funny how time seems to put all of our experiences there? No. Nothing about it is funny.

February 21 RSVP here Cruel time has swallowed this show as well, leaving only memories which may or may not be real

March 28 RSVP here – happened. done.

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