Somnamulonimbus album cover

Hello fellow weirdos. i’m super excited to finally unleash my newest album onto your ears! This is an instrumental jazz fusion, synth prog album written and recorded during the darkest days of pandemic 2020, with Aaron Parks on drums and me on everything else – electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, synth programming, and a few random beats.

Here’s a video you can enjoy to the fullest of the “single”.

EDIT JAN 27, 2022 – Spotify just made the public decision to remove Neil Young’s music rather than do the right thing and remove the murderous misinformation-filled Joe Rogan podcast. I have made a (probably long overdue) decision to boycott Spotify as a subscriber. I have also asked my distributor CDBaby to remove my solo music from the platform if possible. If that’s not possible, then at least I won’t point people to that platform actively. Given that Neil Young’s plea didn’t work, I don’t have any hope that my miniscule influence makes any difference to Spotify or Joe Rogan. But ethical considerations demand that I follow Neil Young’s lead here.

If you are interested in acquiring this masterpiece, please consider pre-saving on Spotify. This helps me get recommended through their algorithms, which will encourage me to do more of this kinda thing.

If you’re more of the Bandcamp downloading persuasion, you can pre-order the digital album to own the files on your own computer at all times!

I also got some CASSETTES MADE by local shop Speaker Bump Tapes. Physical merch rules. These are on sale via Bandcamp as well as the trunk of my car.

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