Happy New-ish Year

2019 was all about revisiting, re-assessing, and re-booting. 

After Opposite Day basically lost inertia in May, I decided to take a break from fronting and promoting a band, and just go with the flow a bit and take the good opportunities that came my way. This included fun and satisfying gigs and/or recording with Dream Eater, Andrew Nolte, The Misprunuciation of Eoghan McCloskey, Stop Motion Orchestra, The Baffles, StarMind Ceremony, and couple of solo acoustic gigs. More of this will continue happening in 2020!

When not playing other people’s music, I was busy finishing up 2 (almost 3) solo albums, including Gentle Downward Stream, the acoustic one I wrote in Washington DC over 4 days in December 2018, and Omnectomy: Pyrophrenesthesia, an instrumental metal project I actually tracked back in 2015. Oh, I also got interviewed for Voyager Fest’s web series Edge of Sound. (They also did an episode with Mohadev, my bandmate in Stop Motion Orchestra and previously with the Secret Keepers).

Since October, I have been completing work on the first of 2 Instrumental exotica albums I started tracking in 2018. The first one is called “Daytime Drama Themes”, features David Hobizal on Drums and has heavy electonic/synth supplements to the core Guitar / Bass / Drums compositions. It’s all done and mastered by Greg Yancey and comes out next Monday, February 10. A teaser track is here:

The second one, coming mid 2020, is more surf-oriented with no electronics, and potentially some additional musicians besides just me and Eoghan McCloskey on drums.

In addition to home recording, I’ve been jamming with some badasses with the intention that something will turn into an actual working, gigging, and recording band. 

A reformed Opposite Day will be doing an all-improvised live recording on February 18. Similar to this one from 2017.

Unusual for me, I barely wrote anything in 2019. Of course, I spent a lot of time improving, arranging, jamming, and completing songs, and I didn’t lack for inspiration or ideas from jams, etc. But I didn’t really sit down and write songs or compositions in 2019. That’s a shame. This is a problem to fix on 2020.

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