RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2022


Electro Jazz Fusion instrumental Rock from an Austin progressive rock guitarist

It’s pretty much 2022, so that means the latest album by Austin, TX Prog-rock guitarist/bassist/composer Sam Arnold is here. Written and recorded at the start of the pandemic and inspired by Chick Corea, Pryapisme, and Secret Cheifs 3, the 11 tracks of SOMNAMULONIMBUS invite the listener to dance awkwardly at a demented funk party, while electronic symphonies encircle organic grooves and exotic surf and subtle jazz give way to disco shred, cradled by chaos.

As a founding member of Austin progressive music outfit Opposite Day and active member of Stop Motion Orchestra and Dream Eater, Sam is constantly writing and recording in new styles such as Americana, experimental rock, electronic, surf exotica, horror, and metal. Seeking a new challenge that would draw from his roots in past jazz ensembles (the Mispronunciation of Eoghan McCloskey, Sarah Sharp, the Kalamazoo College Jazz Band), Sam wrote this batch of melodic guitar and drum-driven tunes. After tracking juicy drums by jazz virtuoso Aaron Parks at AMP studios in 2020, Sam spent the long dark pandemic months fashioning the raw compositions into experimental multi-genre arrangements, adding layers of different guitar styles, bass, keyboards, absurd electronic sounds, and even some banjitar. The art of Brian Nothing, artisanal craftsmanship of Speaker Bump tapes, and rock-solid mastering of bandmate and musical life partner Greg Yancey (who also built the guitar played on this album) have made Sam’s musical nightmares a proud reality. You now live inside this reality and will need to adjust accordingly.


Limited edition cassette via bandcamp

Streaming and downloading on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple music, and all other platforms


Couple words written about previous Sam Arnold projects:

“intricate spirals that fuse Lee Ritenour to Iron Maiden.” – Austin Chronicle Review of Opposite Day

“The music is complex, yet deceptively simple to hear, integrating Americana, Mid-Eastern themes, funk, jazz, Afro-pop, progressive rock, and a tab of psych.” – Expose Online