David Bowie, Neko Case and Paul Simon had a fight with with Secret Chiefs 3, Yma Sumac, and King Crimson. The fight was OK, if you’re into that sort of thing. But after, they made up and had a baby. And the baby is called:

Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers

NEW ALBUM: Listen to Your Mind (2017)

NEXT SHOW: Carousel Lounge, May 10 2017

After 5 art-pop-Americana albums in 10 years, prog-punk singer/guitarist Sam Arnold (Opposite Day) has finally put together an album by a true BAND, the all-star Secret Keepers. The heterogeneous and musically agile 6-piece brings Americana, middle eastern, funk, jazz, Afro-pop, progressive rock, and exotica styles to an original set of songs about magical realism, animals, and capricious philosophical wanderings. Deep grooves cuddle with vocal harmonies; woodwind solos hold hands with guitars and lush synths; tricky riffs rub up against complex arrangements.

booking: Sam Arnold – samtropy at gmail dot com

Andy Nolte – Keyboards and Backing Vocals (Super Creeps, Zissou, Mostly Dead)

Leila Henley – Woodwinds and Vocals (Invincible Czars, Poon, Stop Motion Orchestra)

Sam Arnold – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, and Programming (Opposite Day, Lick Lick, Stop Motion Orchestra)

Greg Yancey – Bass and Baritone Guitar (Opposite Day, Megafauna)

Dave Irish – Drums and Percussion (The Baffles)

Mohadev – Electric Guitar (Stop Motion Orchestra, Obnosticon)